Body Weight Is Still Unchanged ?

Posted on Sunday, March 4, 2012
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Body weight is still unchanged ? Here are 5 reasons why

body weightYou may have ended up living on your fitness treadmill

as well as having natural and organic lettuce,

even so it is unseen on the weighing machine.

Check out in case you actually are creating one of these blunders:

  • Unhealthy meal timings : Having demanding and stressful lifestyles, reaching the health & fitness centre is just not adequate. You’ll need to have a regular supply of glucose in order to maintain a steady metabolic rate. Studies have proven that eating breakfast within one hour of waking up, subsequently having a healthy dish every three to four hours is actually ideal. Try not to go longer for more than five hours without eating in order to keep your metabolic process steady. Likewise, skipping meals is not really a good option as doing so suggests your system that you are in starvation mode and hence your body would then slow down the metabolic process to compensate. Henceforth you would surely attempt to overeat at the next meal. Which further means that you have a higher total calorie intake than you would have if you just ate more frequently throughout the day.
  • Insufficient sleep :Research indicates that people who get to sleep less than six hours have higher levels of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite. Gherlin, is actually a hormone produced by the stomach, which works on the hypothalamus to stimulate feeding and on other tissues to slow metabolism and reduce fat oxidation. As per the studies Gherlin levels tend to be the highest in lean individuals and lowest in the obese.Increased levels are seen in people who are dieting. To set this right, try going to bed just half-an-hour prior to your usual time. Slowly and gradually, increase this to get eight hours of sleep. Clear your sleep backlog by napping during commute or whenever you can.
  • Undervaluing calories consumed :Medical studies have shown that even with all the devices in hand, people still don’t count calories appropriately. Writing down just about all that we eat which includes drinks and bites or tastes of food can help you lose weight. Precisely how? When we eat, most of us don’t even pay attention to the portions.This particularly happens when you eat out too much. You don’t realise that the portions being served to you are rich in calories, even if you are eating something healthy and hence your body weight still remains unchanged. Attempting for replacement of food with health supplements doesn’t work either. Only a well balanced diet is actually sufficient to fill all the nutritional requirements. Specialists are of the view that when concentrated forms of nutrition supplements are consumed, they interfere with absorption of other vitamins and minerals, and lead to nutritional deficiency. For example high intake of calcium may interfere with the absorption of iron, zinc, manganese. Hence it is best advised to get minerals and vitamins through natural food sources and take supplements only if you are prescribed them.
  • Lower B12 levels: B12 has significantly become the brand new icon of the dieting world.In order to help you lose body weight you need to transform fat stores to energy and for this you need B12. Deficiency of B12 leads to ‘stubborn’ fat – the muchconcerning disease of the current times. Although this vitamin is needed in very low amounts by the body yet we fall short as we are consuming more processed foods than ever before. Cheese, eggs and shellfish are all richsources of B12.
  • Inadequate in the diet: Identifying which fat is good for your body is one of the most important aspects of losing body weight. Nutrition experts say that while on a diet, majority of the people eliminate fat. What’s even worse is that they continue to keep gobbling ‘diet biscuits’ which usually are rich in trans fatty acid – the bad fats – while cutting down ghee, white butter and paneer, all of which supply the body with the essential fatty acids. These kinds of fats are necessary for mobilising fatty acids from the stubborn fat areas of the body.