Body Weight Worries? Let the summer season tackle

Posted on Wednesday, April 4, 2012
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Body weight concerns are best taken care of during the summers.

Yes if you are going crazy trying to shed those extra kilos cheer up and welcome the summer season, cause this is the best time of the year to lose excess body weight and get in shape.

The coming hotter months are indeed capable of automatically changing people’s eating habits and hence ideal to tackle such issues. With the increasing temperatures you consume more fluids that fill up the body and you can never overeat. Moreover your body system is slow. Also you can workout far more during summers than in winters.

Get disciplined follow a diet plan

body weightThe elemental step for you to shed excess weight will be to begin  with splitting meals into several categories – early morning breakfast meal, breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, evening snack and dinner and hence to follow a diet plan where in you will need to begin the day by drinking a glass of lukewarm water and honey as this maintains the metabolic cycle and removes toxins from the body which indirectly helps in weight loss.

In case you are a tea drinker, take a cup of tea with Marie biscuits along with  two or three walnuts or almonds. This should be followed by a breakfast – where in you can have muesli, oats, cornflakes with egg white. After about two hours, you can choose to eat some salads or fruits.  Thereafter your lunch should consist of two chapatis made of multi-grain flour, a bowl of dal and green vegetables.

For the evening snacks you can take a cup of tea with idli or dhokla or roasted channa and the dinner should consist of vegetable soup, brown bread or chapatis and veggies. If you happen to feel hungry before going to sleep, you can have a glass of milk.

Say yes to Fruits but No to juices

Having fresh fruits is definitely vital in order to prevent calorie consumption , however you must steer clear of banana, mango and grapes since they usually are high on calories. Better choose watermelons, melons as well as sweet lime.
Also not to forget you must either have fruits 40 minutes just before a meal or two hours following a meal; and most importantly fruit juices absolutely are a big no for a bodyweight reduction program.

Foods strictly to refrain from

Several other avoidable food items are usually  things such as 100 % fat milk, fried greasy foods, sugars as well as sugar products, processed cereal products including maida plus maida products such as samosa, kachori as well as bhatura and even red meats you must keep away from.

Foods to positively include

If you wish for a speedy excess body weight loss do not forget to incorporate in your diet plan skimmed milk, whole grain cereals (porridge), whole pulses, green leafy vegetables, salads and lean meats – chicken or fish (grilled or steamed or roasted).