How to protect from sunburn naturally

Posted on Monday, February 17, 2014
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We can’t even imagine that Sun can do much more harm to our body than giving painful sunburn.  As per Dermatologists (Skin Doctors) over exposure to sunlight causes brown spots, red, scaly spots, drying and wrinkling and even worse skin cancer.

Today, its need of an hour to protect our skin from sunburn especially in this high temperature.

But how do can we avoid the sun? That’s tricky. Sometimes, our profile or work schedule forces us to go under the skin. I will give you basic homely procedure to follow and stay away with sunburn.

how to protect from sunburn

You will be surprised to see the results after following the same.

Take a tomato and cut the tomato into small slices.
Now rub theses slices on your face
Try to avoid direct sunlight on skin during for 30 minutes at least after following this treatment.

If you are working in such profile where you have to go out in sunlight on regular basis or you are student where you cannot avoid going out under the sun, then you should follow this procedure regularly on daily basis before going to bed so that your skin will remain protected from sunburn.