Indecisiveness – get rid of now

Posted on Friday, February 17, 2012
This article was posted in Healthy Mind

indecisivenessIndecisiveness in today’s times where we have  a lot and a lot more choices more than ever before?  You will be sapped of your energy. Making decisions expands our happiness, well-being and clarity. Be it setting up your day, choosing where to dine, the house to buy or the partner to spend your life with, indecisiveness will bring in disharmony and frustation. You will end up wasting your time besides getting chaotic and draining all your creative energy; the irony is : there is never a perfect decision. However to be able to choose among options will surely leave you more energetic and focussed on important things. Decision- making increases self-worth, infusing us with the guts to take risks rather than succeed by doing nothing. All in all we experience life better.

Indecisiveness is a worry about outcomes and you tend to pick this fear during childhood experiences. It hinders each of our vitality in the direction of our own desired goals and also achievements. We being to feel the stress to succeed, and presume you may be unsuccessful without even moving on the road of success.You give up even before starting. The habbit of adding “If I had” or “should have”  for every decision adds to this.

Below are a few recommendations for you to get rid of Indecisiveness:

  • Forgive your own past indecisiveness. Accept it completely, and then go with decisiveness.
  • Turn down the intensity of your feelings as well as thought processes. Stop thinking. You land up doing less or nothing.
  • Talking about your problems can’t reduce them, and leads to inaction. Cease the actual ‘chatter’ in your head.
  • Don’t identify with your own past. The past is finished, and does not have a bearing on the future. Be a fantastic decision maker now!
  • Replay your successes. List your own achievements, small and big. Use this checklist to visualize and watch your own life’s accomplishment as amovie! Feel the achievements along with every picture!
  • Adjust your self-image. Agree to yourself: “I am great at making decisions.”
  • Take action. When you say yes to something, keep in mind you are saying no to something else at the same time. Figure out what you are saying yes to, and what you are saying no to in black-white terms.
  • Release outcome anxiety. Fear and anxiety is due to lack of trust in yourself.
  • Decide, after that believe you will get the best outcome.

There are no mistakes, just experiences. Don’t lose out on life by indecisiveness. “Feel” like a great decision maker instead.