Fitness Mantra

Posted on Monday, April 29, 2013
This article was posted in Health Talk

fitnessTraditionally, eating less is thought to be the primary factor for weight loss but research recommends  a new fitness mantra  to manage and control weight and blood sugar- you must eat five to six small meals a day.

The key to good health  is always a healthy diet . Cultivating sensible eating habits since childhood, along with a healthy lifestyle, delay aging and increase your lifespan besides improving your quality of life. To maintain the ideal body weight, enhance general well-being and reduce risk of diseases like heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis the only mantra is to follow a healthy and varied diet plan. What we eat has a profound effect on our mind and body.

Not just what we eat equally important is how we eat. As we agree to eat a balanced diet the new fitness mantra also emphasizes on eating at the right time. Hence breakfast should be taken an hour after rising, thereafter you should eat every three hours. The last meal should be three hours before bedtime.